Our competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is the starting point of strategy. We, like our clients, are nearly obsessed with continuously developing and sustaining our competitive advantage: Thought leadership that delivers value©.   

What sets us apart

Academic excellence

Hinterhuber & Partners ranks among the most impactful consulting companies with respect to the number of publications in the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review and Long Range Planning.
We have teaching and research experience at universities worldwide (Innsbruck, Bocconi, Lugano, Tsinghua) and are writing the books that current and future leaders read.

Real world business experience

All partners of Hinterhuber & Partners have significant and relevant industry experience in B2B and B2C. No pure-bred consultants.


Measurable results via long-term collaborations

Hinterhuber & Partners does not believe that short-term consulting projects lead to lasting change. We work with clients in long-term engagements to produce significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in client performance and client capabilities.



Our impact

We achieve the highest impact with clients that work with our consultants collaboratively in a long-term relationship centred on the joint realization of quantified performance targets and on the development of specific capabilities throughout the entire organization – across business units, functional levels and countries.

We work less well – and chose not to pursue – in engagements where our input (e.g. number of hours) is more valued than our output and where potential client expectations are unrealistic (e.g. results to be achieved in 6 weeks).


What we leave to others

An essential part of strategy is deciding what not to do. We chose not to engage in restructurings, in cost reduction programs, in merger and acquisition advisory where the main focus is on personnel reduction and in all engagements where we feel that the joint improvement of client performance and client capabilities is unlikely. 

Pricing is the most important driver of profits; surprisingly, it is also the area most executives overlook.
This research shows how to overcome common Pricing misconceptions.
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