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Hinterhuber & Partners open enrollment and in-house workshops are designed for executives at every stage of their career. Drawing on our own thought leadership, on the most relevant academic research as well as on best practices from leading B2B and B2C companies globally, our workshops enable executives to address critical challenges in strategy, pricing, and leadership.

To large and medium sized companies we offer customized workshops in the areas of Strategy Pricing and Leadership: We design and deliver these workshops to meet quantified performance improvements in collaboration with client personnel.

Below a selection of recent workshops available as in-house solutions and as open seminars.




No upcoming event in this area. Please contact us for an in-house solution.




Grundlagen des Strategischen Managements mit Prof. Hinterhuber



Strategie in stagnierenden Märkten




Strategisches Handeln: Strategien wirkungsvoll umsetzen



B2B and B2C Pricing Excellence




Case Studies in Strategic Pricing



Making Pricing Work for Strategic Account Managers



Strategic Issues in New Product Pricing



Strategic B2B Pricing




Pricing Strategies and Tactics: Defending Profitability in a Downturn




Value-based Pricing for B2B industries




Value-based Pricing for B2B and B2C industries




From cost-based to value-based pricing




Quantifying and Documenting Value in Business Markets




Best Practices in Designing and Implementing Value-Based Pricing Strategies




Psychological Aspects of Pricing (with Stephan Liozu, CEO of Ardex Americas)




Quantifying and Documenting Value in Business Markets (with Todd Snelgrove, Global Manager Value, SKF)




Pricing strategies for increasing profitability--what every account manager needs to know




Influence Purchasing Criteria in B2b through Quantifying and Documenting Superior Value




Preismanagement für Premiumhotels




Pricing in der Chemieindustrie




Strategisches B2B Preismanagement




Strategisches Preismanagement




Strategisches Preismanagement in B2B und B2C




Strategische Verhandlungsführung mit Harvard Fallstudien




Der wirkungsvolle Aufsichtsrat: Die wichtigsten Hebel zur Steigerung des Unternehmenswerts




Leadership Exzellenz: Methoden und Fallbeispiele



Pricing is the most important driver of profits; surprisingly, it is also the area most executives overlook.
This research shows how to overcome common Pricing misconceptions.
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