We are a premier consulting company in the field of pricing

and the globally most cited institution in academic research

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How we work

Returns exceed expectations

our typical project increases EBITDA by the equivalent of 300bps of sales

Customer knowledge is essential in a pricing project

our interview process has been perfected over the years and we can extract unexpected information to drive innovative solutions

We balance art and science

our projects mix capability building with the power of data to ensure pricing excellence is encoded in the firm’s DNA, harvesting results even after project end

Key differentiators

Academic excellence

we are the most cited entity in the field of pricing

Advanced analytics capabilities

we master the tools to process event the largest Big Data datasets to make sense of otherwise hidden trends

Long-lasting relationships with clients

we are a family-owned company and our clients become part of it

Project management skills

all employees are certified project managers that can take the ball and run with it

Management of the company

Prof. Dr. Hans Hinterhuber

Founder and Chairman

Evandro Pollono

Managing Director Italy

Rolands Pupkevičs

Sr. Consultant for Data & Analytics

Dmitriy Danilchenko

Project manager

Andreas Hinterhuber

Equity shareholder

“If you are not perceived as different and cannot quantify the benefit of your offering, you will be benchmarked on price”

What our clients say

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